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McHale Fusion 3
McHale F550
McHale F5500
McHale Fusion 2

2009 McHale F550 Baler
Fusion Rotor • 23 Knife • Fully Serviced. POA.
Ref: ALAM2503

2019 McHale Fusion 3 Plus
2018 McHale F5500 Baler
14k Bales, 520 Wheels, Crop Roller, HD PTO, Hyd Braked Axle POA.
Ref: ALAM1503

2015 McHale F5500
19k Bales, Fully Serviced, Braked Axle, POA
NEW • McHale F5500
Baler, 520 Wheels, Heavyduty PTO, 540 Gearbox, Standard Pickup, in stock, POA
2017 McHale Fusion 3 Plus Combo
28.8K, Bales 560 Wheels, Fully serviced, immaculate, POA
2007 McHale Fusion 2 - 48k Bales
2016 McHale Fusion3 Baler
McHale 2017 Fusion 3 Plus
McHale F5600
2017 McHale Fusion 3 Plus
32K Bales fully gone through, new chains, Pick-Up tines, Cam Pick-Up, 540 Gearbox, Fully serviced, IMMAC, POA
McHale Fusion Vario Beltbaler
2009 McHale F550
2018 McHale F5500 Baler
2015 McHale F5500
McHale F5500
McHale 2017 Fusion 3 Combo
McHale 2017 Fusion 3
2019 McHale Fusiiion 3 Plus Baler
Bale Count 11,700, Camless Pickup. 560 Wheels, Double Crop Roller, Twin Bobbins, Twin Cameras,As New Condition. POA.
Ref: ALAM2603

2007 McHale Fusion 2
48k Bales, New Type Crop Roller, Fully Serviced, Immac, POA.
Ref: ALAM1203

2016 McHale Fusion 3 Plus Baler Combi
560 Wheels, Bale Count 43k, Immac, POA
2018 McHale F5600 Baler
25k Bales, Fully Serviced, New Chains, immaculate, POA
NEW • McHale F5600
Baler, 520 Wheels, Heavyduty PTO, 540 Gearbox. Camless Pickup, in stock, POA
NEW • McHale Fusion Vario
Fusion Vario Belt Baler, in stock, POA
The Harrow, Ferns, Co. Wexford

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