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Ring Rollers
Bale Transporters
2017 McHale 991 High Speed Wrapper
2900 Bales • c/w Lupton Power Pack • As New • POA.
Ref: ALAM3304

2011 McHale F550 Baler
49k Bales • Fully Serviced Ready to Go • Immac • POA.
Ref: ALAM1704

2011 McHale F550
2016McHale Fusion 3 Plus Baler
30k Bales • Twin Cameras • Raised Floor • Big Augurs • Fully Serviced • Immac • POA.
Ref: ALAM0704

2016 McHale Fusion 3 Plus
Berthoud Primer 2000
2000Ltr • 21Mtr • Full Electric • Quad Nozzles • Clean Water Tank • Rate Control • Immac • POA.
Ref: ALAM1504

2017 991 McHale Wrapper
Berthoud Primer 2000 Ltr
2019 McHale Fusion 3 Plus
2019 Malone 6 Rotor Tedder
Wilson Monster Move 12 - Demo Machine
2019 McHale Fusiiion 3 Plus Baler
Bale Count 11,700, Camless Pickup. 560 Wheels, Double Crop Roller, Twin Bobbins, Twin Cameras,As New Condition. POA.
Ref: ALAM2603

2019 Malone 6 Rotor Tedder
Very little work done, as new condition POA.
Ref: ALAM1903

Wilson Monster Move 12 - Demo Machine
560/45R22.5 Oversize Tyres • Air-Hydraulic Brakes • Steering Axle • Spoon HitchHydraulic Steering Drawbar • Full Extra Lighting Kit • Central Greasing Blocks • About 500 Bales DoneAlso Front Linkage - Single Bale Carrier • Full Kit • AS NEW • POA
Ref: ALAM1503A

Fleming 12ft End Tow Roller
In Stock, POA.
Ref: ALAM0503

2009 McHale F550 Baler
Fusion Rotor • 23 Knife • Fully Serviced. POA.
Ref: ALAM2503

2004 McHale 991 BJS Bale Wrapper
Bale Count 31,700, Joystick Control, Good Clean Machine, POA.
Ref: ALAM2203

2018 McHale F5500 Baler
14k Bales, 520 Wheels, Crop Roller, HD PTO, Hyd Braked Axle POA.
Ref: ALAM1503

2007 McHale Fusion 2
48k Bales, New Type Crop Roller, Fully Serviced, Immac, POA.
Ref: ALAM1203

2014 Twose TE-480 Hedge Cutter
2015 McHale F5500
2014 Twose TE-480 Hedge Cutter
1.2m Cutting Head, 4.8m Reach, As New Condition, in stock, POA.
Ref: ALAM2602

2015 McHale F5500
19k Bales, Fully Serviced, Braked Axle, POA
McHale 2017 Fusion 3
McHale 2017 Fusion 3 Plus
32K Bales fully gone through, new chains, Pick-Up tines, Cam Pick-Up, 540 Gearbox,
Fully serviced, IMMAC, POA
McHale Fusion 2 Baler Combi
560 Wheels, Crop Guard, Bale Count 44k, Really tidy machine well looked after. Due in, POA.
Ref: ALAM1603

CLAAS 3600 Disco
Mounted Mower, As New Condition, POA
2016 McHale Fusion 3 Plus Baler Combi
560 Wheels, Bale Count 43k, Immac, POA
2009 McHale F550
2004 McHale 991BJS Wrapper
2018 McHale F5500 Baler
2007 McHale Fusion 2 - 48k Bales
McHale Fusion 2 Baler Combi
CLAAS Disco 3600 Mounted Mower
McHale Fusion 3 Plus Combi Baler 2016
2018 McHale F5600 Baler
25k Bales, Fully Serviced, New Chains, immac, POA
2001 JCB 8015 Mini Digger
1.5 Ton, 3 Buckets, In Good Order, POA
Wilson Bale Carrier
Supermove 10 Bale Carrier, Air Brakes, Sprung Drawbar, Steering Drawbar, in stock, POA

Kverneland 853 Pro
McHale 2017 Fusion 3 Combo
McHale ProGlide Front Mounted Mowers
Kverneland 853 Pro Straw Blower
Full Electric, 2-Speed Gbox, Silage or Straw, Onlly used for straw, immaculate, in stock, POA
McHale 2017 Fusion 3 Plus Combo
28.8K, Bales 560 Wheels, Fully serviced, immaculate, POA
McHale Pro Glide
Front Mounted Mowers in stock, POA
Prodic Bale Handlers
Bale Handlers in stock, POA

Prodic Bale Handlers
McHale 991 LBER
Mounted Bale Wrapper with Remote, in stock, POA

McHale 2018 Fusion 3 Plus
JCB 8015 1.5 Ton Mni Digger
Supermove 10
McHale 991 LBER
Malone 3000MP
3m Centre Pivot Mower, in stock, POA

Malone Pro Cut 800 & 900
Pro Cut 800 & 900 Mowers, in stock, POA

McHale Orbital Wrapper
Malone 800 & 900
NRH 6.3m Ring Roller
NRH 6.3m Ring Roller
6.3m Heavy Duty Ring Roller, c/w Paddles, HD 8-Spoke Rings, 9-Spoke Breakers, in stock, POA

NRH 6.3m Ring Roller
NRH 6.3m Ring Roller
6.3m Ring Roller, 24in Cambridge & Breaker Rings, Hyd Paddles, Stone Trays, Lights, in stock, POA

Malone Rotor Rakes
Malone Post Driver & Log Splitter
Goweil Sharpeners
Malone Rotor Rakes
4 and 6 Tedders, in stock, POA

Malone Post Driver & Log Splitters
Log Splitters and Post Drivers, in stock, POA

Goweil Knife Sharpeners
New and secondhand Knife Sharpeners, back in stock, POA

Fleming and Prodic
Bale Handlers, in stock, POA

Bale Handlers
The Harrow, Ferns, Co. Wexford

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